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When you arrive…

Preparing your home before your arrival

This package is perfect for you when you plan to visit your summer house in Kythira and want to enjoy it immediately. We make sure that your home is clean and ready for you. With our shopping service you can order fresh and traditional products from a local store or farm.

* Prices start from 65€ for approx 50 m2 (includes balconies)

Cleaning floors and balconies

Cleaning kitchen and bathrooms

Making up beds

Dusting furniture

Open and air the property

Turn on electricity and water

Shopping NEW

Window cleaning (recommended)

When you are away…

Regular visits to your property

Wherever you are in the world now you can relax because your property in Kythira is well taken care of. Our regular visits package contains everything you need when you are away. During our visit we water the plants, read all meters, collect mail, inspect the property and keep you updated. In case of observing any problems we will inform you by an e-mail containing all details and photos.

Key holding

Watering the plants

Open and air the property

Read water and electricity meters

Collection and administration of bills

Inspect the property

Regular updates

  • Basic Plan

  • 29
    • 1 visit per month
    • Handling of up to 1 bill

Most popular
  • Standard Plan

  • 49
    • 2 visits per month
    • Handling of up to 2 bills

  • Premium Plan

  • 69
    • 4 visits per month
    • Handling of unlimited no. of bills

* Regular visits to your property Basic, Standard and Premium Plans include all services from Regular visits to your property package. Bills will only be paid once we receive sufficient funds into our account. Payment of additional bills will be charged 10€ per bill. Watering the plants includes up to 15 plants. “-20% DISCOUNT WEEK” price is valid for the first month only. Pricing period of the plans is one month.

When guests arrive…

Home managment

Do you rent your property or have guests coming over? We can meet your guests when they arrive, deliver the keys, introduce the place and give useful information about it. If there are any problems or questions they can always contact us.


After Home managment package we recommend to order our Preparing your home before your arrival package to make your place nice and clean again. Price per visit.


Manage bookings

Delivery of keys

Meeting the guests

Introducing the place

24/7 support

Garden maintenance

When you plan to visit your summer house in Kythira you can hire us to take care of your garden so it’s in good condition at the time of your arrival. If you want regular garden maintenance we can plant trees, cut the grass and clear the garden from weeds so your house looks good and lived-in while you are away.

Grass cutting

Tree pruning

Garden clearance


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We take care of your summer house in Kythira

Additional works

We will gladly undertake a number of additional household works such as window cleaning, laundry and shopping. We offer small repairing jobs, installation of garden watering systems and many more.

Window cleaning

Laundry services

Small repairing jobs

Installation of watering system


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